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A. Background

            In the Hindu religion, called triguna know, this consists of: sattvam, rajas and tamas. This order will give effect to the citta, which is called sattvam citta, citta rajas, and tamas citta. At triguna met with citta it gives birth to and from budhi Bhudhi ahamkara born, so ahamkara divided into three namely ahamkara waikreta, taijasa and bhutadi (Shiva tatwa, 2004, p. 19).

Thus triguna will give effect to the level (Sraddha) beliefs, which by this person will do something that seems to fit with a choice in his life. All of this production will also result in the birth of human beings in this world. certainly a result of the nature of rajas and tamas which tend to be more dominant influence on every individual, as now it looks much behaviors incompatible with the goal of human life should be, namely happiness in her life.

           As for the impact of excessive material compliance has been achieved by following the so-called "Sadripu" (Kama, lobha, Kroda, Mada, Moha, Matsarya) are six main enemy that always enveloped the human mind became dark and stupid or absent-minded, so that trapped by meshes of Maya, will often bring misery to himself and other creatures.

             Such as the known level of confidence (Sraddha), which is sattvam shows purity or chastity of people with this trait, which is only worship the Almighty God (Brahman). Confidence level (Sraddha), which rajas properties are properties that are full of energy, power lust, lust of property, and another passions, have faith worship (yakshas / giant) devils and demons.
While confidence levels qualities tamas is total darkness properties owned by those who lack all knowledge of the greatness of God Almighty, they are very greedy and not holy, very sensual, lazy and full of other dark qualities, for the sake of passion with a shortcut towards success and achievement of worldly welfare is their worship of false spirits and ghosts (Bhagavad Gita 17.4)

Whatever one's position at this time will be influenced by the nature of which is obtained from birth (sattvam) good, (rajas), lust, and (tamas) stupidity. Thus all thoughts, words, and deeds of each individual is a reflection of a person's behavior in society, the effects of sattvam nature, the nature of rajas and tamaspun properties will affect the level of confidence in developing budhi character of each individual.

            In the teachings of Hinduism, the Vedas are the source of all dharma, and then Sruti, in addition to the precepts, events and atmanastuti, therefore this should be a guideline for Hindus to think, say and do in this life, because it would result that would karmaphala acceptance, now, later or in the future, without being able to be avoided. Because it is stated that: "Almighty God saw action (deeds) of everything. And there are everywhere, both in the past, in the present and future "(Regveda I.164.20 and Atharvaveda X.7.35)

           We recommend that all actions done consciously, because the behavior of a person's karma, where karma will result in all of the results. This is a step of a person to perform acts in living life, which result from the actions (karma) of course the result will be accepted later today or in the future, he would never return to the perpetrators without any avoidable.

            Opportunity in this life, which have the effect of triguna, despite having an understanding of the level of confidence in the development budhi different character, all this can be used be authorized to change any behavior into a better direction. This can be realized at the time of choice to act or do, if always with an emphasis sattvam nature. Now nature of rajas and tamas properties used in appropriate circumstances. Thus, all actions (deeds) which is influenced predominantly by passion and ignorance / utopian it can be minimized. To reduce the losses to humans and all creatures. Also mentioned: "From the nature of the noble sattvam shed light and health, happiness and bonding membelengu with science, O anangga" (Bhagavad Gita XIV.6)

Hindu with a broad teachings able to touch all aspects of human life. In addition to the emblem svastikanya hindu capable of swallowing a concept of space and time, the concept of the character and nature of the creature in the episode of dharma. Humans are creatures monodualis (physical and rokhaniah), Tri Pramana (Word, wind and eyelash) also social beings who are always inclined to society, living in a group, association or associations, then the act should not be forgotten when will the application guidance of dharma (religious teachings Hindu). Namely as a source of happiness coming. When you can go beyond any influence triguna, of course, will be able to also realize the goal of Hindu religious teachings mencapaian freedom (moksa).

Behave is a very important thing to do, to be able to anticipate the human safety of the devastation caused by morality and human action itself. Due to the developing budhi character, all the bad behavior and chaos of the human and his creation, which is caused by man himself can turn into good and beneficial to mankind and His creation. The devastation caused by the deterioration of morality and all behavior that is not diinginkanpun will be avoided.

Thus budhi character development is a good improvement of human behavior, right, right and noble to prevent the occurrence of any disaster, which comes from the man's actions themselves. As well as acts that deviate from dharma, of course, disastrous for this life, for example: measures against environmental pollution, water, and air, waste disposal is not in place the cause of air pollution that causes respiratory disasters, as well as cause the blockage of the channel or river flow which resulted in a flood, in addition to illegal logging without forest rejuvenates very clearly as the main factor of landslides and floods and many others.

            Thus human behavior is very significant as the arrival of the factors causing the disaster, for that control human greed lust or desire in the development of character bhudi accordance with the teachings of dharma, it is very necessary effort in actions and deeds. This is described: lust (kama / desire), which is considered the cause of heaven or hell, his statement, if the passion that can be controlled, that is heaven, but if it can not be controlled by its control that is hell (Sarasamuscaya: 71)

          By questioning the problem whether that shape the behavior of human behavior and how to overcome them, then the subject like the above would obviously be a cause people to do in every action that will shape the character of every person born. There are good some are its ugliness. No human beings are born free from error. Although he was praised, admired, rich, beautiful, good at science and other yet to born as human beings do not escape with errors.

            While travel road dharma, one of which is not carrying out to others, all deeds, words and thoughts that are not pleasing yourself, which cause distress and heartache; how to make clothes, of course must be measured to the body itself, such behavior can be called dharma , deviations from it should not be done. If there is one wise, honest, always speak correctly, able to defeat the passions, sincere mentally and physically, as well as any actions based on dharma, that person must follow, if you follow her prawrtti called dharma.

Whatever the challenge, dharma should be done, because he is a treasure that can not be deprived of their wealth, can not be stolen, carried and followed until death, would not such property, which we ought to try to get it, because the acts of dharma that is a treasure that must be continue to run by people who have sradha and bhakti. Because there can be stolen and plundered wealth in the form of dharma, we recommend that there is persistence carry it out, definitely not going to not get a living, because all kinds of food, vegetables, water, and all other needs, approached as if the offer itself.

            Worldly possessions, not worth being chased to death, it would be a waste of time, but that should be pursued is that, although busy even breathing hard in implementing the dharma, try a casual look for treasure in the activity, like a bull who holds a plow, surrounding fields,
at the same time also while full grass near him, then he is happy. Very precious dharma teachings are also very secret, not unlike like the footsteps of fish in the water, its implementation requires calmness, patience, firmness of faith and continuous effort made and not easily give up.

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